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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it possible to just attend the pre-conference, or do you have to attend the larger ICAP in order to attend the LGBTQ Psychology pre-conference? 
    A: You are welcome to participate either of the events, and you do not need to participate in one in order to participate in the other. Registration for each event will be separate, however, those registered for the LGBTQ Psychology Pre-Conference will receive a discounted registration rate for the larger ICAP.  
  2. My research is not exactly in the area of Psychology, can I still submit? 
    A: Yes! Although this is predominantly a psychology conference, LGBTQ Psychology itself is a very interdisciplinary field of research, so we welcome researchers from other fields, especially those in the areas of sociology, gender studies, sexology, political science and communication studies. 
  3. On the abstract submission form, it asked if I would be willing and able to attend a 2-day pre-conference instead of a 1-day pre-conference. When will we know how many days the pre-conference will actually be? 
    A: Based on the number of submissions received, we have been given the option by CPA and ICAP to extend our pre-conference event to a 2-day conference, which would take place on June 24th and June 25th, instead of just the 25th. We will announce the dates of the conference in mid November, 2017. We will schedule accepted presenters based on the availability they indicate when submitting their abstracts. 
  4. I live on the other side of the globe from Canada! Is there any financial assistance available to attend the conference? 
    A: Yes! We will have travel bursaries available for international delegates and students. When you submit your abstract, be sure to indicate your interest in these opportunities. 
  5. I can't decide whether to submit my abstract to the LGBTQ Psychology Pre-Conference or to the larger ICAP convention. Can you help me decide? Can I submit to both? 
    A: The pre-conference is aimed at researchers within the field of LGBTQ Psychology. If your research is something that other researchers in this field should know about, or if you want to discuss the future of this field, then you should submit to the pre-conference. If, on the other hand, the LGBTQ nature of your research is more tangential to your topic, and your desired audience is perhaps more generalist or found within another specific sub-section of psychology (e.g., developmental psychology, clinical psychology, forensic psychology, etc.), then we encourage you to submit to the larger ICAP convention and select the most appropriate section in order for your research to have the greatest impact. Finally - yes - you can submit to both, and in fact, we encourage you to do so in order to reach as many people as possible. However, any abstract accepted for presentation at the pre-conference will not be considered for presentation as part of the LGBTQ stream within the larger ICAP convention, but may be considered by other sub-sections (e.g., developmental, health, etc.). Additionally, we are aiming to send rejections in time for authors to re-submit submissions to the larger ICAP convention, as we anticipate that we will have to reject some submissions simply because of a lack of space in the program or because they would be better suited to a broader audience within ICAP. 

    If you still cannot decide, try our "Where Should I Submit?" Decision-Maker! 

  6. Do I need to be a member of the Canadian Psychological Association or the International Association of Applied Psychologists in order to attend or present at the pre-conference or ICAP? 
    A: No. Members will receive preferential registration rates, but membership is not required. 
  7. Is it possible to submit an abstract in French? 
    A: Yes! For the LGBTQ Psychology Pre-Conference, both French and English poster presentations will be accepted. Depending on the number received, we may also accept French data blitz presentations. For the larger ICAP convention, all types of submissions can be in either French or English. 

    Est-il possible de soumettre un résumé en français?
    R: Oui! Pour la préconférence portant sur la psychologie LGBTQ, les présentations d'affiches en français et en anglais seront acceptées. En fonction du nombre de présentations reçues, nous pouvons également accepter de courtes présentations en langue française. Pour la conférence générale de l'Association Internationale de Psychologie Appliquée (ICAP), tous les types de soumissions peuvent être en français ou en anglais.

  8. Where can I find more information about the ICAP convention? 
  9. How can I submit my abstract to the LGBTQ Psychology Pre-Conference? 
    A: By clicking here