Each year at the Annual CPA Convention, SOGII adjudicates student oral and poster presentations and awards the Henry Minton and Morrison Awards. The Henry L. Minton award is named for a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Windsor who championed LGBTQ Psychology long before it was a popular topic. Each year SOGII recognizes student excellence in the field of LGBTQ Psychology by selecting two recipients of the Henry Minton Award, one for best paper and one for best poster. Each recipient receives a cash prize and a certificate. 

Beginning in 2015, SOGII also awards the Morrison Award for LGBTQ Inclusive Research Methods. The Morrison Award is given to a student presenting a poster outside of the SOGII section who has clearly demonstrated the use of LGBTQ-inclusive research methods (e.g., reporting sexual and gender identity demographics, including LGBTQ participants in a sample, not arbitrarily removing LGBTQ-identified participants from a sample, including LGBTQ-inclusive response options for survey participants). 

Past recipients of the awards are listed below. 

Past Award Recipients 

Morrison Award



  • Makrina Morozowski


  • No recipient


  • Sarah Moroz

  • Rhea Ashley Hoskin

ICAP 2018 & Preach 2018 Awards

In 2018, CPA merged its annual convention with the International Congress of Applied Psychology. SOGII hosted an International LGBTQ Psychology Pre-Conference. As a result, a different set of awards were presented in 2018 than in other years. For this year only, awards were not limited to those with student status.

Preaching to the Choir: 

Best Talk - Sharalyn Jordan
Best Data Blitz - Valerie Millette
Best Poster - 3 Way Tie: 
     Erik Meyer, Olakunle Oginni, Horim Yi

ICAP 2018: 

Best Symposium: Cross-cultural experiences of trans and gender non-conforming people. Speakers: Carmen Lalonde, Erik Meyer, GS & BK (initials listed in lieu of full names by request). 





























Henry Minton Award


Jill Northcott / Acadia University


Breanna O'Handley / St. Francis Xavier University

Thomas Sasso / University of Guelph (Poster)


Ashleigh Yule / University of Calgary


Mair Cayley / University of British Columbia 

  • XWHY: Stories of Non-Binary Gender Identities


Alexander T. Vasilovsky / Ryerson University

  • That’s SO gay! Or is it?: Exploring hegemonic identity hierarchies in popular gay magazines.

Sarah Radtke / Ryerson University

  • An exploration of female same sex behaviour in relation to allomothering and grooming in a group of captive bonobos (Pan paniscus)


Jessica McCutcheon / University of Saskatchewan

  • Modelling gender: How parental gender roles affect attitudes toward gay, lesbian, and heterosexual adoptive couples.

Lisa Landis / University of British Columbia

  • Predictors of HIV testing among men who have sex with men living in a non-urban centre


Cherie Moody / McGill University

  • Suicide Resilience and Protective Factors for Canadian Trans Individuals

Tonje Persson / Concordia University

  • The Experiential and Cultural Dimension of Female Bisexuality in Canada


Carmen Logie / University of Toronto

  • The Experiential and Cultural Dimension of Female Bisexuality in Canada


Jennifer Moore / University of New Brunswick

  • Partners of Canadian lesbian soldiers: Examining the military family social support system.


Karen L. Blair Acadia University

  • Perceived social network support as a predictor of mental & physical health in same-sex vs. opposite-sex relationships