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Special Issues

Special Issue #1: If you presented your work at Preaching to the Choir or ICAP 2018, then we invite you to submit a manuscript based on that work to a special issue of Psychology & Sexuality. 

The deadline for submitting a manuscript for consideration is December 20, 2018. Manuscripts can be submitted at any time between the end of the pre-conference and the deadline. In order to prepare your manuscript, please follow the regular guidelines available on the Psychology & Sexuality website. To submit your manuscript, click here. You will be asked to login to your Psychology & Sexuality author account. If you do not yet have an account, please click "Create An Account." Once you have logged in, click 'Start New Submission' under the Author tab. Here you will be asked to provide all of the necessary details about your manuscript and to upload your manuscript documents. The most important part of this process occurs on Step #6: Details & Comments. Here you will have the opportunity to indicate that you would like your manuscript to be considered for the Preaching to the Choir Special Issue. When asked "Is the manuscript a candidate for a special issue?" please select "Yes" and then provide the title of the special issue as follows: Preaching to the Choir Special Issue. If this is not done, your manuscript may get processed as a regular submission and may not end up in the special issue, if accepted. 

Note: Submitting your manuscript based on an accepted presentation at Preaching to the Choir does not guarantee acceptance of your manuscript for publication. All submissions will go through the regular peer-review process. In the event that we receive more publication-worthy submissions than can fit into a single special issue, we may explore the possibility of a second special issue. 

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Special Issue #2: In addition to the special issue based on work presented at Preaching to the Choir or ICAP 2018, we will also be publishing a special issue based on research that develops out of collaborations from participating in Preaching to the Choir. Letters of interest (short descriptions of the planned collaborations) will be due no later than January 2019 and manuscripts based on the completed research will be due in December of 2020, with an anticipated publication date sometime in 2021 or early 2022. Collaborations between delegates from more than one country will be given priority, however any collaboration between participants in #Preach2018 will be eligible for the special issue. To submit your letter of interest, please click here. It will require a list of your collaborators, a brief abstract describing your project and a brief timeline of expected benchmarks in the research process. 

If you would like help finding a collaborator, please send an email to with a brief description of your research interests. I will keep track of submitted research interests and connect individuals with similar interests. You may also wish to join the closed Facebook Group as a means of making connections with other 'choir members.' We have also created a message board on this website where you can post your interest in forming a new collaboration. Click Here to visit the message board