International LGBTQ Psychology Pre-Conference in Prague
July 16 & 17, 2020

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We are pleased to announce that you'll be able to continue "Preaching to the Choir" at #Preach2020 in the beautiful city of Prague, located in the Czech Republic! The conference will be held on July 16th & 17th, 2020. The deadline is December 15, 2019. For more information on submitting an abstract, please scroll down further on this page.

The 2018 CPA Annual Convention was held in conjunction with the 2018 International Congress of Applied Psychology. In addition to this International Gathering of Psychologists and Psychological Researchers, SOGII hosted an International LGBTQ Psychology Pre-Conference Convention on June 24th and 25th, 2018. This two-day event brought together the leading LGBTQ Psychology Researchers from across the globe to share advances relevant to moving LGBTQ Psychology research forward. More than 115 delegates attended the conference from 79 different cities around the world - spread out across more than 20 countries! Two full days of programming were presented by researchers at all career stages from undergraduates to tenured research chairs. To learn more about what was presented look up the #Preach2018 hashtag on Twitter or visit our OSF Meetings page (if you presented at the conference and would like to add your presentation documents to the OSF page, you can continue to do so at any time - just visit the page for more instructions). If you are interested in submitting your work to one of the two special issues related to #Preach2018, please click here to learn more. 

We look forward to welcoming you to #Preach2020 in Prague July 16 & 17th, 2020! We also encourage you to submit your work to the larger conference taking place in Prague from July 19-24, 2020 - the International Congress of Psychology - ICP2020! The deadline for submitting abstracts to the larger ICP2020 convention is December 1, 2019. We encourage you to submit to the Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity section of ICP to ensure that your research gets listed in the LGBTQ Program!

Abstract Submission

To submit an abstract, please visit the portal below. Abstracts may be submitted for a variety of different presentation types (see more information below). The Final Submission Deadline is December 15, 2019. Abstracts submitted by this date will receive a notice of decision by March 1, 2020.

Keynote Speakers


Program Committee & Hosts

Karen L. Blair, PhD - Program Chair & Co-Host
President, LGBTQ Psychology Canada
Chair, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Section of the Canadian Psychological Association
St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

Program Chairs

Program Chairs

Rhea Ashley Hoskin, PhD - Vice Program Chair & Co-Host
Vice President, LGBTQ Psychology Canada
Secretary & Treasurer, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Section of the Canadian Psychological Association
Queen's University, Canada

Scientific Committee

Daragh McDermott, PhD
Anglia Ruskin University, UK
Editor - Psychology & Sexuality

Cindy Veldhuis, PhD
Columbia University, USA

Julie Koch, PhD
Oklahoma State University, USA

Sharon G. Horne, PhD
University of Massachusetts - Boston, USA

Olakunle Oginni, PhD
Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria

Lynne Gouliquer, PhD
Laurentian University, Canada

Carmen Poulin, PhD
University of New Brunswick, Canada

Todd Morrison, PhD
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Editor - Psychology & Sexuality

Mchal Pitoñák, PhD
Chair, Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Section ICP 2020
National Institute of Mental Health - Czech Republic

Ashleigh Yule, R. Psych.
University of Calgary, Canada

Adam Jowett, PhD
Chair, Psychology of Sexualities Section, British Psychological Association
Coventry University, UK

Gülden Sayilan, PhD
Ankara Yidirim Beyazit University, Turkey

Anonymous Member


Important Dates